Egypt's Kafkaesque Rules For Christian Marriage

Restrictive and sometimes contradictory rules continue to govern issues of marriage and — heaven forbid — divorce for Egyptian Christians.

The 2017 Academy Awkwards, From La La Land To Pa-ree

PARIS — There’s no fixed running time for the Academy Awards ceremony. If you live on the East Coast, and are not a night owl, you may very well have not made it last night to Best Picture. It’s ...


How Luxembourg Could Cash In On Brexit

The tiny European country has improved its position as a post-Brexit business destination by reforming its fiscal rules and digital environment.


In A Small Ethiopian Town, That Fateful Choice To Flee To Europe

While the EU seeks an agreement with Libya to halt the influx of migrants across the Mediterranean, the prospect of a better life elsewhere is what all in rural Ethiopia talk about.


Choking In Pollution, Poland Says Coal Is Not A Problem

-Analysis- WARSAW — For the Polish government, coal is nothing to worry about. Sixteen Polish cities exceeded the annual limit of days with smog in the first two months of this year alone. ...

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Working Class Of America Beware, Trump Will Sell You Out

-OpEd- WASHINGTON — For many months on the campaign trail, Donald Trump sent a clear message about his fellow Republicans: Ideologically, I'm not one of them. This wasn't just true on trade, ...


100 Years After Lenin, There’s Still No Such Thing As Free Money

-OpEd- It's hard to say no to the prospect of free money. Imagine: Regardless of your activity (or lack thereof), you get your share of the “universal income,” of the nation you call home. ...


Carnaval And Crisis Side-By-Side On Brazilian Front Page

O Globo, Feb. 24, 2017 Rio de Janeiro-based O Globo daily's front page offered a snapshot of the contrasts of today's Brazil. While top story reported on a troubling new unemployment trend, ...

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They Duet Different, Pop Icons Sing In Another Language

We all have favorite songs we listen to again and again. But there are few things as entertaining as hearing our favorite singers belt their hit tunes in another language. Love "Heroes" by the ...


How Rodrigo Duterte's War On Drugs Looks In Colombia

Beyond the Filippino leader's inciting vigilante killings of drug dealers, Colombian leaders who have long battled the narcotics trade might study his other ideas.


Universal Basic Income, 5 Experiments From Around The World

Imagine receiving a check from the government every month. The concept of guaranteed basic income for all citizens has been gaining prominence around the world, leading to referendums and national ...


"Tiny Chalet" Wonder, For An Ecological Swiss Ski Vacation

The Thyon tourism office rents innovative "tiny houses" to ski vacationers: 56 square feet, fun and environmentally friendly. But it's not so simple.


Selling With A Smile

Of the many vendors at the numerous markets I've visited through the years, the women selling herbs in Jakarta were probably the ones with the biggest smiles. See more slides from My ...


Pope Francis: The Line Between Populism And The People

As his words and public gestures confirm, Francis is a people's pope, not a populist, and as genuine as he is popular with ordinary folk.

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Uber Ugliness, From San Francisco To Sao Paulo

Uber is a company built around maximizing customer service and experience — sometimes at any cost. Critics note that the price is paid by those providing the labor, the army of modestly paid ...


My Mosul Neighbor, When A French ISIS Member Moves In

MOSUL — Ziyad loaded his wife and three children in the big German sedan that used to serve as his taxi between Baghdad and Mosul. That was in June 2014. The jihadists had just captured Iraq's ...


Cyber Security — Is The Internet A Sitting Duck?

-Analysis- MUNICH — The recent attacks on the Internet would be great material for a movie. But it would be more a horror film than action flick — and it could be a low-budget production since ...


Sting Operation, In Search Of The Perfect Bee

PARIS — Researchers are on the hunt for the perfect bee. Today, pesticides, mites, viruses and other parasites decimate tens of millions of colonies of pollinators on the planet. Researchers ...