Andes From The Runway

Ready for take off and marveling at the Andes in the distance, I took stock of the things I was lucky enough to see during my trip to Peru: from the heights of Machu Picchu to Lake Titicaca and ...

Lunar Glow, What's Driving The New Space Race To The Moon

PARIS — Even as the global economy struggles to recover, investment in space activities is flying high. The overall public expenditure in the sector — approximately $70 billion today — has been ...


Bye-Bye Britain: Brexit Signature Makes Front-Page News Across Europe

British Prime Minister Theresa May signed a letter giving official notice of the UK's intention to leave the EU. The letter, which will be delivered later today to Donald Tusk, president of the ...


Venezuela, Constitutional Dictatorship Or Drug-Gang Regime?

Venezuela's socialist President Nicolás Maduro has brought his country to the lowest socio-economic levels in its history. His clinging to power is a dangerous thing.


Color That Pigeon! Parakeets Invade European Cities

Wild parakeet populations are expanding in many European cities, where they enjoy the relative warmth of dense urban settings and have easy access to food.


A Long-Distance Phone Call, One Nationalist To Another

-Analysis- It was just a passing reference at Monday’s White House briefing: Press Secretary Sean Spicer mentioned that U.S. President Donald Trump had called to congratulate Indian Prime ...


Are German Schools Too Fixated On Nazi History?

Germany's right-wing AfD party says school courses give too much attention to Hitler's reign, overlooking other historical periods. A syllabus offers an answer.


Completely Cuckoo

The Hornberger Uhrenspiele, in Germany's scenic Black Forest, holds the record for biggest cuckoo clock in the world. My wife and I got to see it just a month after its inauguration, and watched ...

United Arab Emirates

Hip Hop Wannabes, All The Way In Abu Dhabi

-Essay- ABU DHABI — For many of us, hip hop has always been more than just another music genre, a passing trend or temporary lifestyle. It’s a cultural movement with deep roots that highlight ...


A Few Jobs AI Can Never Render Obsolete

Technology is transforming how goods and services are sold, and may soon kick millions of workers out of a job. But certain professions can't be replaced by bots.


A Weekend Trio Of World Leaders Zips On By

In the overwhelming immediacy of modern society, weekends provide us with the opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath, disconnect. Especially a sunny, early spring weekend. For some, this ...


A Heartbroken Gaza Father Has One Simple Request For Israel

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish's three daughters were killed by an Israeli air strike in 2009. For the past seven years, the Palestinian doctor just wants an apology from Israeli officials.


No Sex Please, We’re Brazilian: On PlayStation And Demographics

Maybe the West's low birth rate arrived when sex was defeated by boredom? One writer's offbeat reflection on how sexuality overload has backfired.


Let Them Speak French! Why I Believe In The "Molière Clause"

-OpEd- PARIS — A lot is being said and written about the "Molière clause," first introduced by Vincent You, an elected representative in the western French city of Angoulême, and which mandates ...

United Kingdom

The Diamond Inn

The half-timbered Feathers Hotel in Ludlow, western England, is a gem of Tudor architecture. Strangely enough, when I took this picture, all I could think of was the time it must take to clean the ...

United States

In Trump’s America, Checks And Balances Are Doing Their Job

Fascism fears were greatly exaggerated in a system that puts limits on any individual's power.

United States

Time Magazine Cover On Truth And Trump

This week's edition of Time magazine It's a looming question for any reader of the news and follower of current events:Time magazine's “Is Truth Dead?” cover this week does well to capture ...


How A Website Used Anti-Immigration Fears To Sell Guns

MUNICH — On Oct. 5, German doctor Alexander Haase* opened his web browser and dropped merchandise he wanted to purchase into a checkout basket. He paid 590,99 euros — money that went into a ...